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Day 14: In your own space, post recs for at least three fanworks you did not create.

So, I don't... read tiny or rarepairs? Not normally? But there are a lot of stories I read that I really liked.

  • Light the world on fire by Kellygirl (Losers (2010), Cougar/Jensen). This is a wonderful sci-fi/futuristic story that I just - I really really love.

  • Family Ties by Sparkle_Free (Sherlock Holmes (2009), Sherlock/OMC, Sherlock/John). This is a beautiful story that fulfills my deep desires for angst with wonderful story-telling capabilities.

  • Second Life by imaginary_golux (Avengers (2012), X-Men, Steve/Tony/Logan). Logan is one of the first two people I have ever had a crush on, and seeing him, his strength, and Steve and Tony together, and the beautiful writing style, well... this might not be all that rare a story or one with little appreciation, but it is amazing and deserves more.

  • Under the Sea by bluehyws (Losers (2010), gen). I love team-building fics, and this tiny one-shot is just perfect.

  • Red Twilight by twodwarves_oneeagle (The Hobbit (2012), Fili/Kili). Kili is and forever will be my favorite, and this story about him is deliciously full of angst and that bond he has with his brother that I love so.

  • Merry Fuckin' Christmas by Ponderosa (Boondock Saints, Connor McManus/Murphy McManus). So I have a fascination for incest, apparently, if this isn't clear by now. But this story is just - so in character, so amazing.

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