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Title: Diamonds Do Not Equal Love (but they sure mean something)
Author name: AngeNoir
Characters/Pairing: mentioned OT6; Natasha Romanov/Tony Stark, Clint Barton/Tony Stark, Tony Stark/Thor
Fandom/Universe: MCU
Rating: NC-17/E
Word count: 22,826
Warnings: underage sex (not in detail; discussion about Tony's sexual activities at MIT), Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics
Summary: Tony’s still not always sure how they all fell out like this. Well, okay, it isn’t like he’s completely clueless, he’s always very aware of sex, in all its forms and manipulations, going on around him and with him.

But Tony had to be blind not to notice the trinkets that Steve and Bruce were sporting.

In a world where omegas are given courting gifts of jewelry when alphas or betas or other omegas want to have sex with them, the media, the newspapers, and talk show hosts always make dismissive and disgusted remarks about how Tony Stark sleeps with so many people and yet refuses to wear any of their jewelry in public. Self-centered and arrogant, some say, while others whisper that, with his wealth, Tony really shouldn't be asking for gifts in the first place. Even with all the speculation about how rich and how decadent Tony's jewelry collection must be, however, no one's ever seen it.

Because Tony... Tony doesn't have a collection at all.

Fanworker name: sukuiddo
Rating of fanwork: G
Link to accompanying fanwork master post: [ART] Diamonds Do Not Equal Love (but they sure mean something)


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