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Title: The Necessity of Definitions
Word Count: 119 words
Characters: N/A
Pairings: N/A
Warnings: N/A

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Inspired by [ profile] nickygabriel's picture, found here:

Title: Distant Memories
Word Count: 708
Characters: Virginia "Pepper" Potts, Tony Stark, Obadiah Stane
Relationships: Tony Stark & Virginia "Pepper" Potts
Spoilers/Warnings: n/a

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Inspired by [ profile] nickygabriel's picture, found here:

Title: The Quiet Before the Storm
Word Count: 1013
Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Virginia "Pepper" Potts, James "Rhodey" Rhodes
Relationships: pre-slash - Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Spoilers/Warnings: not applicable

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Fandom: Avengers
Word count: 267
Pairing: one-sided Steve/Tony
Summary: The note is left on Steve's pillow, and Steve almost never finds it. Almost.

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Fandom: X-Men
Word count: 382
Pairing: N/A
Summary: Quiet reflection isn't really his thing, but he's staring death in the face, and he just wants to make sure his friends are safe. Stay safe.

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Fandom: Captain America (MCU)
Word count: 918
Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Summary: They're both idiots, the Howling Commandos agree.

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Fandom: Avengers (MCU)
Word Count: 199
Paring: (implied) Steve/Tony
Summary: It's late at night, and someone is still at their desk.

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Fandom: The Avengers (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Word Count: 979
Pairings: Gen/none
Summary: Sam Wilson considers the people around him, sometimes, and wonders how they of all people became the Avengers.

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